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Kate Bush, 1980.Photo by Patrick Lichfield

Kate Bush, 1980.
Photo by Patrick Lichfield


A girl needs her role models. Kate Bush, you wacky, glorious genius. 


A girl needs her role models. Kate Bush, you wacky, glorious genius. 

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Never Be Mine by Kate Bush

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The song was inspired by "The Innocents", a 1961 film based on the novel "The Turn of the Screw" by Henry James (1898).

Say good night-night, 
I tuck him in tight. 
but things are not right.
What is this? An infant kiss 
that sends my body tingling?
I’ve never fallen for 
a little boy before. 

No control,
just a kid and just at school. 
Back home they’d call me dirty, 
his little hand is on my heart, 
he’s got me where it hurts me,
knock, knock, who’s there in this baby? 

You know how to work me
all my barriers are going. 
It’s starting to show, 
let go, let go, let go.
I cannot sit and let 
something happen I’ll regret, 
Ooh, he scares me!

There’s a man behind those eyes,
I catch him when I’m bending,
Ooh, how he frightens me 
when they whisper privately. 
(“Don’t let go!”).

Windy-wailey blows me,
words of caress on their lips 
that speak of adult love,
I want to smack but I hold back, 
I only want to touch.

But I must stay and find a way 
to stop before it gets too much!
All my barriers are going,
it’s starting to show,
let go. let go. let go. 
(Don’t let go!).
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Dreamtime <3